Quotes From Radio and Blogs


“A great piece. A mix of Coil, El Madi Junior and Ann Marie von Otter: industrial, modern electronica and opera, not an easy mix to pull together”

Gwendolyn Radio (Italy), 13 March 2018

“Prominent is the Italian avant-garde singer Ernesto Tomasini. Again and again compared to Klaus Nomi, Tomasini’s repertoire ranges from operas to collaborations with Marc Almond or the band Coil.”

Orf 1 (Austria) – 30 March 2017

“Calling him a singer would be reductive: singer, actor, performer, possessor of an extraordinary voice, blessed with a 4 octave range”

RAI Radio 3 (Italy), 28 October 2016

“Singer, actor, musician, technically exceptional, his voice has a 4 octave range”

RAI Radio 3 (Italy), 7 October 2016

“An eclectic and irreverent artist, Ernesto Tomasini is overwhelming with his outspokenness, irony and (…) the refined variety of an heterogeneous repertoire that his 4 octave vocal range makes unique”

RAI 3 (Italy), 16 April 2016


“Thanks to a mix of opera, pop and heartbreaking romanticism, Othon & Tomasini are one of the most extravagant, unclassifiable and extreme music acts to come out of the contemporary London scene”

Radio 3 (Spain) – 2010


“Maria Callas Possessed by Satan”

Radio 3 (Spain) – 2010


“All the voices that you’ve just heard belong to the same singer: from the high pitched one – no, it wasn’t a woman – to the lower ones. Tomasini has an amazing vocal range.”

Radio 3 (national radio, Spain) – 2009


“WOW! He made our microphones explode!”

Amy Lame’ – London Live – 2002


“I have never heard anything like it”

Frederick Dove – BBC World – 2002


“Really high-pitched. He sounds like Julie Andrews”

Jenni Murray – BBC Radio 4 – 1998



“vocalist Ernesto Tomasini is superb as a man in search of nullity.”

Docklands Cyberinsekt – 23 January 2017


“The scene is ruled by the histrionic and magnetic figure of Ernesto Tomasini, with his powerful stage presence and astonishing vocals, able to shift from falsetto opera tones to cavernous ones within few seconds”

Filth Forge – January 2011


“Tomasini is the voice; an Italian singer who can sing through four octaves. (…) But calling Tomasini a singer is like calling a five course meal something to eat. His vocal range is one of the most impressive I’ve ever heard. From the high falsetto on the opening 13 minute track to the Dick Van Dyke crooning of ‘Whistling Away The Dark’ his voice is both sublime and staggering in its diversity”

Idwal Fisher – 5 June 2010


“The musical surprise came from Italy, more precisely from Sicily with Ernesto Tomasini. With his operatic voice (at times sounding like a dark rocker) he created an heavy atmosphere (the weight of the Sicilian tradition?) which – ironic as it may seem – was uplifting. We were able to plunge even deeper in this musical universe because the charisma of the singer was astonishing: standing straight in his high heels and looking delicate under a skirt that, folded on his shoulders, revealed a military uniform once he removed it!”

Festivalier (France) – 28 October 2008