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(Here only a selection, for a complete press coverage in Italian read the “In Italiano” page)

“Ernesto Tomasini, hybrid performer extraordinaire, half way between actor and singer with powerhouse voice, model and English gentleman.”

Il Giornale di Sicilia, 5 April 2024


“(…) In a world premiere, at Mosso [in Milan], Ernesto Tomasini, dressed in sumptuous, sexy, picturesque costumes, (…) accompanied at the piano by a wonderfully dark Ornella Cerniglia, tells of the decadent years of the first half of the 20th Century. (…) The piano’s full-bodied and ironic notes indulge the flair of an histrionic performer able to mould language, lash playfully at the audience, range over registers, timbres, styles, tones. A whimsical show that projects us in an ambiguous and estranging time. An alternative show, sang within four octaves, that represents the climax of a festival characterised by eclecticism.”

Krapp’s Last Post, 14 November 2023


“Excellent is Ernesto Tomasini’s performance as the Duchesse Krakenthorp en-travesti

L’Ape Musicale, 8 November 2023


“Ernesto Tomasini, in a very skilled performance en travesti of the duchess of KraKenthorp.”

Opera Libera, 28 October 2023


“A bold and intriguing “Fille du régiment” that is loved and thrills. (…) The cast is made of very well chosen players, (…) the two aristocratic characters possess singular stage presence : (…) In Duchess of Krakenthorp-Ernesto Tomasini, Michael Aspinall couldn’t have a more intelligent and creative heir.”

La Sicilia, 22 October 2023


“Tomasini is a rare singer, born in Palermo, his voice has a range of four octaves, he can sing male and female roles and we have already heard him in a New Year’s concert dressed up and singing the role of Violetta.”

Ansa, 01 December 2022


“Ernesto Tomasini, LGBT icon, with an amazing 4 octave range.”

Il Giornale della Musica, June 2022


“Ernesto Tomasini singer, performer and Lgbt icon, whose exceptional voice covers a 4 octave range.”

Il Resto del Carlino, 26 May 2022


“Ernesto Tomasini singer from Palermo, performer and LGBTQ+ icon.”

L’Ape Musicale, 25 May 2022


“Man and artiste, in daily life as onstage, a multiple threat (actor, singer, mover, cabaret star, conceptual and visual artist) who dances on transgression”

City, May 2021


“Tomasini is an extraordinary actor”

Il Gattopardo, February 2021


“Half way between Pierrette and Klaus Nomi, (…) mixing falsetto and chest voice, (…) Palermitan Tomasini is very well known in London where he appeared in several musicals.”

Corriere della Sera, 3 January 2021


“Ernesto Tomasini – one of the most acclaimed leading figures in the international alternative and queer scenes, who can count on a vocal range of 4 octaves and a more than original performative style – will sing, en travesti, famous songs from Berlin Kabarett and arias from the first act of Traviata, transported by a time machine, in a contemporary sound and voice scape in a mix of electronic and traditinal music.”

La Repubblica, 30 December 2020


“Extraordinary performer Ernesto Tomasini (…) one of the most acclaimed leading artists on the international alternative scene.”

Ansa, 30 December 2020



“(…) a collection of eccentric prog-dub poetry with opera firebrand Ernesto Tomasini.”

Pitchfork – 22 September 2021



“Ronduit komisch was de bariton Ernesto Tomasini als drag queen annex La duchesse de Krakenthorp.”

Opera Gazet (Holland), 2 November 2023


“C’est à l’honneur de Marco Gandini, qui fut assistant de Franco Zeffirelli, d’avoir su indiquer aux chanteurs la voie étroite entre comique et pathétique et à l’honneur des interprètes que de l’avoir suivie sans déraper. Même le personnage de la duchesse, confié désormais à un homme, échappe aux outrances auxquelles on le soumet parfois. (…) En duchesse de Crakentorp, Ernesto Tomasini vise à l’élégance et s’abstient de tout effet comique grotesque, se bornant par des mimiques à exprimer l’hypocrisie du personnage. Son interprétation d’une chanson populaire napolitaine écarte aussi tout excès, hormis un grave inattendu dont la projection vigoureuse fait sursauter l’auditoire alors que l’émission est restée homogène et plutôt ferme.

Forum Opera (France) – 24 October 2023


“Tomasini est un chanteur rare, né à Palerme, sa voix a une gamme de quatre octaves, il peut chanter des rôles masculins et féminins et nous l’avons déjà entendu dans un concert du Nouvel An s’habiller et chanter le rôle de Violetta.”

Ansa (France), 1 December 2022


Tomasini es un cantante raro, nacido en Palermo, su voz tiene un rango de cuatro octavas, puede interpretar papeles masculinos y femeninos y ya lo hemos escuchado en un concierto de año nuevo vistiendo y cantando el papel de Violetta.

Ansa (Spain), 1 December 2022


“Tomasini is a rare singer, born in Palermo, his voice has a range of four octaves, he can sing male and female roles and we have already heard him in a New Year’s concert dressing and singing the role of Violetta.”

Ansa (EU), 1 December 2022


“(…) el excéntrico vocalista italiano Ernesto Tomasini (…)

Rockdelux (Spain) – 5 November 2021


“(…) et il n’y a rien de plus susceptible de diviser que la croche chargée de gravitas de Tomasini.”

News.Fr 24 (France) – 22 September 2021


“Sänger Ernesto Tomasini selbst eine LGBT Ikone”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany) – 7 February 2021



“An eclectic artist, a term abused in showbusiness but in his case it couldn’t be more fitting, is there anything he cannot do? Acting, singing, entertaining, drawing… an artist with capital A. Farinelli for the millennium.”

Auditorium – Rai Radio (Italy) – 22 March 2023